More Graffiti In My “Art”

Last week, I made a wallpaper for the (as yet unestablished) fan community of Graffiti In My Heart using Photoshop. I did not mention that there were even more stuff I made using that amazing software. Here are some of the artworks (Well, I suppose you can call them that) I came up with over the course of two years.


Space art. One of the earliest photoshop artwork I came up with.



More space art… some improvement, eh? The textures were done using the various brushes in the software. The pictures above were made from scratch and used some effects from the photoshop-nerds website PSDtuts.

OK, I feel like I am showing-off. I now promise that I will not show-off much and you should now promise that you will put up with me and continue reading. Deal? Deal!

araluv2 This one shows my name Aravindh, shaped as a heart. Actually, this was drawn by hand; using a blue pen on paper. I used Photoshop to change the colour brom blue to love-red.


If you have ever read Angels and Demons, you might have encountered ambigrams, specially crafted words that actually look the same when you see them upside down. Here are two ambigrams I made for my school pals, Prashanth and Pranav. Go ahead, bend over your monitor and look at them upside down. See the magic?



OK, they are not exactly as readable as the ones used in Angels and Demons, but still I was not expecting much with my pitiful skills. Finally, here is one ambigram I made for myself.


If you are wondering about the awkward aspect ratio, it’s because I designed the last picture as a wallpaper for my shiny new, totally awesome Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. OK, now I’m really showing-off. I broke my promise, so you may stop reading now 😦 . Hmmm…at this rate of breaking promises, I might make a good politician, you know?


Graffiti In My Art

If you are a bit familiar with this blogger, you may know that he occasionally wets his hands with the Adobe Photoshop paintbrush. (Just to insult your intelligence: it is a software to edit photos and create picture effects.) A few weeks ago, when this hopeful new digital designer was particularly in the mood for designing, he happened to buy Photoshop CS: Down and Dirty Tricks by Scott Kelby, a truly hilarious and excellent book on the software. For a few days he worked on the several tricks put forward in the book, with the net result given below. Yes, that is a genuine wallpaper designed  for the (non-existent) fan community of Graffiti In My Heart.

Graffiti In My Heart Wallpaper!!