The question marks indicate that the current post is consisted mainly of many pointless ravings, all of them with no commonality (except for the fact that I wrote all of them) and bearing no particular relationship with one another; thus naming it with a title is as silly as, say, naming a dustbin.

First off, things are getting pretty cloudy over here – both literally and metaphorically. Literally because it is the monsoon season this time of the year here; and this fact robbed me of many opportunities to wonder at the night sky with my good old telescope – one of my favourite past times. Metaphorically because I am becoming sort of gloomy nowadays.  Well, it is not unusual to find me sinking to the endless abysses of depression – but this particular episode comes in time when I thought that I would be truly happy.

The reasons? Well, I did not get a seat in a college I wished to join; that is to say, the chance that I would get a good seat in NIT – Trichy is about as much as the chance that North Korea would disarm itself of nukes. I didn’t score that well in the board exams either. The fact that my mom barely speaks of any other topic other than admissions – either to me or to her relatives and neighbours, not letting me forget my failures,  continually reminding me that I should have secured much more marks in the Public exams isn’t exactly helping me either. Neither are the facts that my dear dad is away in Ranchi, that my best friend isn’t talking to me much or in a few weeks all our classmates will be separated and leading new lives. Gosh, I so need to lighten up. It’s not like I am too emotional or anything. Its a sort of a feeling which goes in a diffferent dimension from the happiness-sadness scale – the lack of happiness makes me feel so…void.

On a much happier note, I finally began to write the first few sentences of Good night,  Part 3. I’m pretty sure you will like it when it comes out tomorrow or the day after…and I have quite decided upon a framework for the story’s ending, although the details are a bit fuzzy.

And finally, the last piece of junk in this rambling post.  A certain blog-mate once asked me to make an ambigram for her name, Ashwini. (I repeat drearily, an ambigram is a word so designed such that it looks the same up side down) Well I finally set my hands on the task today, and finished it.


Ok, I know what you are gonna say: there is no way that those combinations of curves looks like anything near the word Ashwini. I admit, this was one of the most difficult ambis I have ever made – I somehow made it look better by adding special effects in Photoshop. The point is, it looks the same upside down. 😀

Until Good Night: Part 3,  sayonora guys!


More Graffiti In My “Art”

Last week, I made a wallpaper for the (as yet unestablished) fan community of Graffiti In My Heart using Photoshop. I did not mention that there were even more stuff I made using that amazing software. Here are some of the artworks (Well, I suppose you can call them that) I came up with over the course of two years.


Space art. One of the earliest photoshop artwork I came up with.



More space art… some improvement, eh? The textures were done using the various brushes in the software. The pictures above were made from scratch and used some effects from the photoshop-nerds website PSDtuts.

OK, I feel like I am showing-off. I now promise that I will not show-off much and you should now promise that you will put up with me and continue reading. Deal? Deal!

araluv2 This one shows my name Aravindh, shaped as a heart. Actually, this was drawn by hand; using a blue pen on paper. I used Photoshop to change the colour brom blue to love-red.


If you have ever read Angels and Demons, you might have encountered ambigrams, specially crafted words that actually look the same when you see them upside down. Here are two ambigrams I made for my school pals, Prashanth and Pranav. Go ahead, bend over your monitor and look at them upside down. See the magic?



OK, they are not exactly as readable as the ones used in Angels and Demons, but still I was not expecting much with my pitiful skills. Finally, here is one ambigram I made for myself.


If you are wondering about the awkward aspect ratio, it’s because I designed the last picture as a wallpaper for my shiny new, totally awesome Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. OK, now I’m really showing-off. I broke my promise, so you may stop reading now 😦 . Hmmm…at this rate of breaking promises, I might make a good politician, you know?