This and that

Ok, to say that I have a been a lazy blogger for the past few months would have been an overwhelming understatement. Nevertheless I hope I’ll catch up with you guys.

Here’s some news:

  • I am working on a new theme for this blog; a phrase which here means “limited to simply selecting a favourite skin among the multitude which comes with a WordPress blog, because the undercover agents at WP do not allow you to edit CSS as Blogger does.” Google, I have great respect for you guys!
  • Get ready for fireworks in the sky, as the Geminid meteor shower begins this week. The number of meteors passes through a peak during December 13 – 14, with no moon around during that time, this amounts for perfect viewing conditions. The weather’s playing spoilsport here in Coimbatore, alternating between cloudy and clear…and, brr, it’s cold. No wonder I feel feverish. (then again, it could be because of the ice cream and milkshake I ate rather than the weather) Hopefully, it will be a clear night for the next few days.

  • Speaking of Coimbatore, my friends’ friends – a couple of subah-talented guys – have started a new hilarious blog called KickStartCoimbatore, dedicated to rediscovering the true flavour of this great city. All Kovaiites this is a must visit!
  • I am going to buy my first guitar tomorrow! What do you say? Future member of Linkin Park? (braces for impact from several organic and vegetable projectiles)
  • Wondering which techfest to attend… Kurukshetra at Anna Univ or Kshitij at IIT Kharagpur? Yes, I would have loved to go to both, if it weren’t for the malady that plagues all colleges of India except BITS: attendance!



6 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Nice update! Yeah even here it’s so cloudy that my telescope is laden with dust now (havent used it for ages :() and good luck with your guitar classes! I bought the CSS upgrade option šŸ˜¦ and played with the template.

  2. waiting for u to join blogger

    waiting for the meteor showers too, we went out at 2 AM in the night once at BITS … “Leonid Showers”… the Astro club promised awesome fireworks … was a huge flop … hope its better this time

    uhu? The Astronomical guitarist??? hehe!!! y linkin park man … dream about G n R … they need a proper replacement for Slash!!!

    lol abt the attendance at BITS … and do try to come for Apogee 2010 … the BITS techfest during March …

    BTW, i have my very own laptop now hich i shall take to BITS this time … and so will devote a lot of time to blogging again … to start off, i’ve tagged you in my last post … do respond!

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