Sometimes, an expression can perfectly describe the exact opposite of the situation you are currently facing. In my case for instance, the expression is “All’s well that ends well”.

All is not well and it did not end well. Ok, if you are wondering what the hell it is I am talking about, it’s my first semester at NITT Incorporated. More specifically, my cycle tests and the end sem exam. (read “modern equivalent of medieval torture”). Sometimes, I feel that it is better to be a five point someone than a nine point no one.

Oh well, it’s finally over and I am back in Coimbatore now which is as cool as ever (more literally than figuratively), and I have a month of freedom ot look forward to. And I owe you guys an apology….maybe someday I will learn to blog regularly.


4 thoughts on “Etc.

  1. Welcome back Arvee 🙂 Dont worry, first sem is something that everyone screws up. Getting adjusted to the new world takes 1 sem. I am sure you will do well in the next sem. Now waiting for a couple of good posts from your side 🙂

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