This and that

Ok, to say that I have a been a lazy blogger for the past few months would have been an overwhelming understatement. Nevertheless I hope I’ll catch up with you guys.

Here’s some news:

  • I am working on a new theme for this blog; a phrase which here means “limited to simply selecting a favourite skin among the multitude which comes with a WordPress blog, because the undercover agents at WP do not allow you to edit CSS as Blogger does.” Google, I have great respect for you guys!
  • Get ready for fireworks in the sky, as the Geminid meteor shower begins this week. The number of meteors passes through a peak during December 13 – 14, with no moon around during that time, this amounts for perfect viewing conditions. The weather’s playing spoilsport here in Coimbatore, alternating between cloudy and clear…and, brr, it’s cold. No wonder I feel feverish. (then again, it could be because of the ice cream and milkshake I ate rather than the weather) Hopefully, it will be a clear night for the next few days.

  • Speaking of Coimbatore, my friends’ friends – a couple of subah-talented guys – have started a new hilarious blog called KickStartCoimbatore, dedicated to rediscovering the true flavour of this great city. All Kovaiites this is a must visit!
  • I am going to buy my first guitar tomorrow! What do you say? Future member of Linkin Park? (braces for impact from several organic and vegetable projectiles)
  • Wondering which techfest to attend… Kurukshetra at Anna Univ or Kshitij at IIT Kharagpur? Yes, I would have loved to go to both, if it weren’t for the malady that plagues all colleges of India except BITS: attendance!




Sometimes, an expression can perfectly describe the exact opposite of the situation you are currently facing. In my case for instance, the expression is “All’s well that ends well”.

All is not well and it did not end well. Ok, if you are wondering what the hell it is I am talking about, it’s my first semester at NITT Incorporated. More specifically, my cycle tests and the end sem exam. (read “modern equivalent of medieval torture”). Sometimes, I feel that it is better to be a five point someone than a nine point no one.

Oh well, it’s finally over and I am back in Coimbatore now which is as cool as ever (more literally than figuratively), and I have a month of freedom ot look forward to. And I owe you guys an apology….maybe someday I will learn to blog regularly.