Writer’s block

I once heard that the great science fiction writer Isaac Asimov once had a writers’ block, and it was the worst ten minutes of his life. Apparently, my writer’s blocks last much longer than Asimov’s. You know what it is like when you simply stare at the blinking cursor for minutes together, wondering when it would move rightwards in a flow of Times New Roman characters…I felt in such a mood for a really long time. Maybe its because life has changed dramatically, that I am no longer as contemplative as I once was. It was then I remembered these lines from the movie Finding Neverland, which finally brought me back to the keyboard again:

Peter: I still have no idea what to write.
J.M. Barrie: Write about anything. Write about your family, write about the talking whale!
Peter: What whale?
J.M. Barrie: The one that’s trapped in your imagination and desperate to get out.

Sharp and crisp, don’t you think?


4 thoughts on “Writer’s block

  1. Heyyy so nice to hear from you after such a loooooong time.. Writer’s block? You need to finish the good night series.. but yeah I can understand.. New college, new people, new subjects to read, hectic life right? Do it when you dont have exams or assignments, maybe in your free time or vacation.. write more about your new college life.. that would make an interesting post 🙂

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