NIT-T Report Two

Having survived the previous attempt by secret agents to capture me, I write this article to disclose more never before heard data.

Again, we begin at the hostel codenamed Diamond at the National Institute of Technology, Trichy. The place is a wide, two storeyed building; close to the other honourable first-year hostels Agate and Coral. At the hostel entrance, we find an armoured gate, which could withstand attacks from heavy gunfire and even Hellfire missiles. Despite the presence of this gate, there is little or no fencing surrounding the hostel, a minor vulnerability. It is also rumoured that the hostel contains considerabe quantities of plutonium, and even perhaps antimatter canisters left by experimenting researchers. However, despite the availability of such advanced compounds, I should also remark that drinkable dihydrogen monoxide (H2O) is a relative rarity in the hostel.

It would be injustice to ignore the bathrooms. Despite the hostel’s considerable population, each floor contains only 5 rooms for enjoying baths. After spending a good time in the queue, we finallly enter the bathroom. Some rooms even have broken holes in the doors, thus revealing the occupant inside. When the bucket is finally filled with water for the exciting bath, a young and avid chemist can research the process of sedimentation, or an avid physicist can research the scattering of light; for the water is actually a colloidal solution containing major amounts of dirt. Students of both categories may also contemplate the possibility of being captured and beaten if they spend too much time researching.

Finally, we enter the classes. All the classes take place at the LHC – the Lecture Hall Complex, although few know that the abbreviation is a codename for a secret Large Hadron Collider replica located underground.

OK OK, enough kidding around – I’ll cut the crap, I want to talk seriously about this one:

The lecturers are really not good. We have the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Humanities, Engineering Mechanics, Humanities, environmental engineering and engg. graphics; along with practicals. Not one teacher, from the above subjects impressed me. I mean, guys, this is NIT we’re talking about. Even the ones from school, or the IIT coaching centres were way better. To digress, the teachers simply seem to assign work to the students, merely repeat religiously what is given in some textbook and do not teach with gusto or engage the students in any way. Like, as if we’re just 10th grade students or something. We’re asked to take notes; not to express ideas. It is a one way monotonous digress from the teacher to student; never an exciting discussion. Above all, it seems to be about working and memorising, not much about thinking. Many teachers do not even speak proper English. Maybe all of it’s because we’re just first years or something (just?). Or maybe most of the things people learn here are from the library. Still, I expected captivating Carl Sagans; but I found thoughtless bureaucrats.

Thats all for now. Until next time, loads of love from graffiti. Got to go, feeling hungry…


9 thoughts on “NIT-T Report Two

  1. having fun? as you start climbing up the ladder of education, you’ll find less and less lecturers good.. students have to study on their own with absolutely no help from lecturers is what I have experienced..

    1. Yeah i guess you are completely correct. I actually love to read on my own without depending on teachrs. The thing is then, why is there such things as classes and a minimum of 75% attendance if we’re goin to study on our own here??? šŸ˜¦

      1. Teachers are guides to tell you what to study. If you study on your own it will end up in learning irrelevant subjects. How do you know what to learn without guidance?

  2. Hey! Congratulations on your start to college life… Don’t worry about the professors, they’re there as fillers, they help you pass time while you actually learn stuff on your own. Hope your bathroom situation improves though šŸ˜›

  3. We understand that
    i) you have good English knowledge, better than any native speaker
    ii) you are a world class top scientist
    iii) you require world class facilities at lower rates
    iv) you can teach PG, PhD and teachers
    v) you want to play and learn like school children with lot of stories between classes, never worried about the portions covered

    Overall you are a genius than any other student, teacher, administrator and the Govt which sanctions the budget for your study and infrastructure.

  4. @eeman: If you read carefully, you will notice that i actually did not say any of the things you said that i said. Please try to read the post fully before commenting. What are you trying to say? Close my mouth and accept everything that happens around me?

    Let me tell you a thing or two about my french teacher at school. At least once a week, he used to conduct (inaptly named?) “Nonsense classes”, where an interesting topic for debate would be selected and debated, despite the fact that he had no small amount of french to teach. Stdents would be asked to talk in any language they are comfortable with for some time – you wouldn’t believe all the interesting stuff that comes out of such discussions…how amazing and talented everyone is…

    You could see that the teacher really had a genuine passion for language. You might call these things “Stories” that should only be told in Kindergarten classes, but believe me, Mr. Pugazhendi the french teacher had really won all our hearts due to his enthusiasm. In the end, i remember only the nonsense class more than the equations that have to be memorised.

    It is time we all question the closed minded point of view we have regarding education and teaching…only then could talent and creativity flourish….

  5. @eeman: You know why this happens? It’s because teachers teach just for the heck of it and to earn a living and not because they want to teach or they want the children to get something out of it.. And usually people who are not good at anything and not able to get a decent job elsewhere end up in teaching profession (since it is one of the lowest paid job) and that’s why not many teachers know much about what they are teaching.. I have been there and experienced all that

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