NIT-T priority one dossier (CLASSIFIED)

So yes, I’m officially into Regional Entertainment Centre (REC), or Regional Engineering college…ahem, it’s the National Institute of Technology which has all these alais names used in code language in case our conversation is being tracked by Jason Bourne’s or James Bond’s enemies. Ahem, anyway…

Begin at the beginning: The hostel, also codenamed as Diamond (there are a couple of more hostels with similarly unguessable codenames such as Emerald, Agate, opal and so on). Probably because the college name starts with ‘National’, many of the guys from the humble first year hostel are from all over India; and some are apparently confused with the definition of national, since there are even people from Nepal, US etc etc., Thus it is no great universe-shattering surprise that I share a secret location in the Diamond hostel with a guy from Hazaribagh, Jabalpur and someone from some remote place in Andhra which I don’t even remember. Due to this reason, we all agreed to converse in the language of English, as suggested by my friends in the Illuminati.

Nanotechnology is apparently not well developed in the campus, since the whole NIT Trichy occupies a megnormous area of 800 acres or 3.24 sq. kilometres (if you are a fan of the metric system, as all intelligent guys are) probably one of the largest in the country, though rumors to build a particle accelerator larger than the LHC in NITT are quite rife (OK, if you believe all the stuff I wrote…..well, believe me: you are quite an innocent dude. Paradox?). Training begins in the campus tomorrow, where I’ll be studying Production Engineering (Due to the highly volatile nature of the information, what exactly we’ll be learning to produce has not yet been disclosed to me.) Hopefully, I may sit in the front bench of the class with an air of a seeker of knowledge, taking notes without perpetually hibernating.

This concludes the secret dossier. By no means is this the last one on this topic…more are coming through; unless I get killed by the guys in black suits and cooling glasses who are currently following me for revealing top secret information.


Tomorrow evening is the solar eclipse between around 4:30 and 6:00 PM, with the maximum around at 5:00 PM. Don’t miss it, wonderful comrades!


7 thoughts on “NIT-T priority one dossier (CLASSIFIED)

  1. @ava: Nothin. absolutely nothin…..the website frm wer i got the info got the timings wrong (times of india)….it was in the morn…not un the aftrnoon…:(((((((((

    @shoob: no no…i m in a computer centre in the campus. Irony: connection spped in 1 gbps but takes as long as dial up fr pages to load.

    I thot of bloggin today an commentin…but i have this….sniff….cough….cold….got to go man…

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