Life 2.0 (beta version)


The only constantly appropriate state of the human mind, I realized, is surprise. I mean, is it already time to enter college? Gosh, I feet like I just left from kindergarten...sniff…sniff…

If you don’t know, I’ll be leaving for NIT Trichy hostel tomorrow, to study ….sniff…production engineering.  I don’t have a laptop, so I dunno how the  HELL I am gonna keep blogging – future strategising isn’t my strong point, you see. Maybe it is time to say good bye to the Good Night series after all! Oh wait. My aunty’s home is near NIT, so I can go there every week to access the Graffiti In My Heart headquarters, or maybe grab a future friend’s laptop, or go to the computer centre (if there is one). The point is ….your dear old graffiti would NEVAHH say goodbye to his readers (even if the no of readers could be counted with a single hand…sniff) yet.

So its time for a new life. Sure its gonna be fulla both good and bad stuff compared to the last one, but I’m pretty sure that the beta version will be replaced by a stable professional version fast. I’m packing all the stuff right now. Along with the usual toothpaste – brushes, clothes, cellphone, clothes, mattresses, stationery items and yet more clothes; I’ll be carrying some unusual stuff: A night sky chart, a poster of the Hubble space telescope, solar goggles (there is a total solar eclipse on July 22nd) and an abacus (I just learned how to use it, just need some practice). Oh, and a copy of Resnick – Halliday’s Fundamentals of Physics, the book which helped me to pass the AIEEE examinations in the first place. (many so-called guides for that entrance examination are just assorted crap. Irony: Fundamentals of Physics wasn’t designed with that purose in mind – as an AIEEE guide.)

Guess that’s it for now. If you still don’t believe that I will continue blogging, read this piece I wrote years ago in my previous blog (which is now mercifully lost in the blogosphere):

  • I believe that a blogger should express himself for what he really is, not what he wants himself to be.You don’t have to be ‘cool’ to write…
  • I would much rather respect a person who draws an ugly sketch and gets laughed for it than a person who doesn’t draw at all. Its the same with blogging.
  • I believe that there is no need to exaggerate or embellish stuff in life. Life is beautiful as it is.
  • A blog should uniquely represent one’s true perspectives, intentions and opinions, no matter how bizarre or uncommon.
  • I believe that blogging has its own ultimate rewards, no matter how pointless it may seem.

Now, do I sound like a quitter? DO I, PUNK? (holding the collar)

But…sniff…I really feel like I just left kindergarten!!!


5 thoughts on “Life 2.0 (beta version)

  1. nice..CONGRATS!! new experience right? the hostel and college life.. I am pretty sure that you will get really busy studying and with classes.. but please dont stop posting and dont leave blogosphere.. atleast post an article once in a week.. will wait for your good night series posts.. I really liked the piece of article on blogging especially this statement “I would much rather respect a person who draws an ugly sketch and …”
    All the BEST for college!! Do well and make your parents proud 🙂

  2. whoa … whoa!!!

    well … a different post from you after a long time … nice assortment of thimgs u r carrying mate! … but i heard somewhere that Trichy sky is perpetually clouded …

    jokin … and all the best for NIT!!!
    and dont forget ur blog!

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