Angels and demons sucked.

The Angels and Demons movie sucked. Totally. I was like, “Two years of waiting and I get this?” I was about to give a point-by-point explanation of why the movie did not work magic the way the book did, but I realized it did not even deserve that. OK, I know some things must be sacrificed when you go from a 200-page novel to a two hour drama, but cutting off the romance between Vittoria and Langdon? Not even providing a moment to appreciate the awesome ambigrams? Paying almost no attention to the bloody and gory killings described in the book? You might think I am a sadist, espousing violence; but the Dan Brown’s ingenuity was using the dark side of human nature to expose the light – in the end, the book did get people thinking about the things surrounding science and religion. After all, thats the whole point…without the Demons, there are no Angels. The soundtrack was awesome though. But this is Hans Zimmer you are talking about, you sort of expect great music form him – he was the man behind the Dark Knight‘s score.

And for a totally unrelated raving, here is one of my Photoshop works of art that I did not share with you in the last post, on the grounds that it was a bit obscene:

Hope the guys from flickr dont see this

Just to insult your intelligence: it is a spoof of the photo sharing site


9 thoughts on “Angels and demons sucked.

  1. hmm..dont agree with u.. it wasn’t that bad right? I liked it.. they have done enough justice to the story(though not complete justice).. books r always better than movies.. but this one was shot better than Da vinci code for sure..

    1. Oh well. We all have different tastes…but i loved the dialogues in A&D…”My mind said I won’t understand about God and my heart said I wasn’t meant to.” 😀

  2. Hey Arvee,

    I really liked the movie. Ofcourse the book was better, but eevn the movie was worth it.

    Yeah..there was actually no romance shown in the movie. 😦

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