1. 1000 vistors!!! Yippeee!!! I’m so happy!!!…Well, not exactly: Perhaps I have been too lazy to notice, but this blog has received more than a thousand visitors since I started it one and a half years ago. I was about to rejoice this fact until I remembered that one of my favourite popular bloggers,  Phil Plait from Bad Astronomy, had once received two million hits in one month. Thats CRAZY! Suck it, Phil!
  2. I’ve finally started to review blogs in Indiblogger, a community for – well, Indian bloggers. It has a forum section where you can link to your blog and many kind people shall tell you the frank truth about it.  of the many blogs that have been posted for review recently there, I find Pranav’s blog Images and Words thought out and well written; and blog gore’s As The Mind Meanders read-provoking because of its….uhhh, free -flowing style (an euphemism which refers to the blogger’s frequent use of the f-word.)
  3. I finally finished reading Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, a book  first published in 1870. It is perhaps the most informative novel I have ever read – it is the story of a naturalist who finds himself on board the Nautilus; a powerful, gigantic and totally hawesome submarine whch could travel to the ends of the Earth. The author evokes a sense of adventure that is sometimes like watching Pirates of the Caribbean. Now reading Jeffrey Archer’s The Prodigal Daughter.
  4. Again, the Boston Globe has come up with a collection of wow-inducing pictures of the current Space Shuttle mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. ‘Enuff Said… go to that link and let the pictures do the talking. Here is one that shows Shuttles Atlantis and Endeavour on their launch pads. NASA rocks! Could anyone else show off a picture of two spacegoing vehicles?

Oh, and here is a video of the astronauts inside the Shuttle, as they prepare to release Hubble (having completed the repairs) and return to Earth.

The crew seem to be all in business, talking all techy stuff. It is easy to forget that they are in space…I mean, just look at the window and see the Hubble floating with the Earth forming a breathtaking backdrop. That’s one hell of a view…


    2 thoughts on “Tidbits

    1. Hey, thanks for your review of my blog. And yeah, isn’t Captain Nemo one of the more awesome literary characters to have been penned down?

      And of course, congratulations on the 1000 “angry visitors” 🙂 Thanks for the kind words. Keep blogging!

      1. Yeah , thanks…..u are right, Captain Nemo has become one of my favourite fictional characters, beating Hermione Granger …lol

        Keep rocking, man!

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