Things You May Not Know About Me

Sure, this blog has a nice, long ‘about me’ section which dutifully describes me. Still, I did not reveal some of my great secrets. Blogger Evanescent Thoughts “tagged” me, which means I have to spill out seven of my gazillion lil’ secrets. So, here goes!!


  1. I did not do well in the Public: After spending my last year in intellectual imprisonment (aka school :)) , I did not do well in the Plus Two public examinations. I don’t regret it, but it is sorta annoying when the whole world thinks you are a superstudier and you suddenly realize that you could no longer mug up all the tons of equations. Well, there is still the BITSAT entrance where I hope I’ll succeed.
  2. I love books. Indeed, I want to write several: Not unlike Evanescent huh?? Books sort of speak to me everyday. It is my secret desire to write at least one novel about life in school, several science-fiction and thriller novels, maybe some good romance ones …NO! STOP LAUGHING!!!
  3. I’m kind of a loner: Ok, I’m a human. I have loads of friends at school. But when it comes to the deepest, importentest, things in my life – things that I cherish with all my heart and my mind – all the attraction for literature, the love of astronomy – I am a kind of a loner. I have built my life along all those things. It’s always been like that. Still, if someone were to come up with genuine interests similar to mine, he would be someone special to me.  Well, that is not exactly what you’d call a loner…But still I like to think myself as solitary.
  4. My nickname is “Cho Chang”: Ok, rewind to my 7th standard. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book had just been released, and I was caught up in the mania that followed. That was why some wise jester decided to call me Cho Chang, because I “loved” Harry Potter!!
  5. I don’t believe in God: Not the elephant headed, many limbed or monkey like Gods of my religion, or the magically Resurrected one of Christianity or what we commonly think of when someone says “God”, to be precise. Those are way too fantastic. However, I have no trouble believing that Nature, or the sum of all laws of the Universe could be God. This is just an opinion, ok guys? I’m not intolerant, you have the complete right to have any beliefs.
  6. Leonardo da Vinci, Walt Whitman,  E. M. Forster, Albus Dumbledore, Oscar Wilde and I have something in common. Exactly what, I’ll leave as an assignment. 🙂
  7. I have not told anybody – parents, friends – about this blog. Weird huh?


PS: As per the First Law of Blogging Dynamics, I’m supposed to “tag” seven more bloggers, so that they post their lil’ secrets. I’m too lazy to think of anyone after writing something this long. Wonder what happens when you break a law…(screams as several men in black suits and cooling glasses come and seize me from my computer.)


6 thoughts on “Things You May Not Know About Me

    1. Yeah…LOL wonder whom you’d have to call if you want to register a complaint against the Laws…you don’t happen to have God’s phone number do you???

    1. yeah saw it…evolution is true fact, but I don’t see why people of many religions think it rules out the existence of God. We’ll see.

  1. juz bumped into ur blog ,backtracking the tags. 🙂
    So wats point #6 about.. eager to know

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