The Descent of the Phoenix

I’m probably the last person on earth to blog about this picture, but it is amazing. Like, wow.

This sweeping image was taken at the Red Planet by NASA’s Mars Reconaissance Orbiter. In the black and white colours of this photo, we see a large 10 kilometer wide crater – a memory of an impact by a meteor that took place perhaps a very long time ago. Even as the huge scale of the impact is easily apparent, there is an even more amazing thing in this picture…the Phoenix lander descending, it’s parachutes unfurled to slow down the amazing speed with which it descends, and battling the immense pressure with the thin Martian atmosphere. So we have, in the vast unkown of the Red Planet, a piece of machinery designed by intelligent life to gather vast sums of knowledge about it, photographed by another piece of machinery from the same intelligence, orbiting the planet three hundred kilometers away.

From this two-dimensional photo , it looks as though the spacecraft is falling straight towards the crater itself…but actually it is falling to a place ten kilometers in front of it. This fact really makes us grasp how high the spacecraft, and how huge the crater in the background is. Once the spacecraft lands, it will commence on a search for liquid water, headed by optimistic humans who wonder whether conditions are suitable for life only on Earth , trying to answer the age-old question…”Are we alone?”


One thought on “The Descent of the Phoenix

  1. Imagine if we see the face of a curious Martian suddenly looking into the camera of the Orbiter!…that should be exciting enough for us earthlings who are still sending one space shuttle after another to just check for the presence of water or just any small evidence to indicate the presence of life in outer space…I really hope that happens…and a ” Hi ” from the Martian would be an added bonus!…Too imaginative u say?…nah..just another super-optimistic earthling! 🙂 ..Interesting post!

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