Fantasy Sky

The past week has been glorious with spectacular sunsets during the evenings. I have always been an avid sky-watcher, and a sunset is one of the best moments during a day. No two are alike…some are really cool and specia. Take this one for example, which I saw a few days ago…

The sun rays started from the west just after the sun set (left and right pics), reached the top of the sky, and almost converged at the east. (Centre and last pic)(OK, they don’t converge – rays of light are really parallel). Thats a complete one eighty degrees of arc from horizon to the opposite horizon. You don’t know how supercool that was!

I’m still thinking why the rays at the east are multi-colored, like a rainbow…maybe its something caused by scattering of light (then again , it could be my camera…I’m not a professional photographer, you see). I wonder if meteorologists have a name for such phenomena. If not…well, might I suggest arclight?

PS: Here is a picture of a triple sunrise. You really don’t want to miss that!

Edit: Turns out that people did name this phenomena as “anti-crepuscular rays” (LOL, that sounds much cooler than “arclight”). Looky here for more info.

Anticrepuscular rays are not rare but they must be sought carefully. When ordinary crepuscular rays are visible, turn around and search for their opposite numbers. More rarely, sunrays pass along great circles right across the sky.


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