I believe…

  • I believe that reality is more surreal than the weirdest fantasy.
  • I believe that the trauma of the past is really the chance to fulfill our future.
  • I believe that everything you ever do, good or bad, has atleast one good resultant consequence.
  • I believe that the liberty to argue,  and to think freely is the greatest liberty.
  • I believe that there is no such thing as wasting time…it is useless to ponder the usefulness of any action.
  • One of the things that life does not give you is a bad situation which is not hidden opportunity to make things good.
  • I believe that I am insignificant when I face the world…however the world itself is a thriving but immortal organism.
  • I believe that friends are temporary. You should leave them one day. Friendship itself, however is eternally permanent.
  • I believe that looking at life for what it really is, not what we want it to be, has its ultimate rewards.
  • I believe that accepting skepticism from others is good way to develop ourselves.
  • I believe that there are many situations where you must not trust your instincts.
  • I believe that all beliefs, good or bad, have some meaning in them.
  • I believe that beliefs have the most meaning when everybody else does not share your belief.

    I Wonder Why I Wonder

    Gusts of wind traverse the large hard ground, creating small eddies and whorls that remind you of black holes and whirlpools. It was a cool sultry day.

    There is a wonder in all of us, that which we feel towards nature, life and the vastness of eternity; that which enriches our lives and that make us more human than any other quality; and that which is sadly destroyed and forgotten because the momentary influences and happenings of everyday lives.

    It was for this reason and many others that I found myself in a library, looking for reason of all reasons and wondering why I wonder… It was a sanctuary, a word which here means a small safe place in a troubling world.