Hello worlds?

This is the first post.

People say that I have to shout like hell if I wanted them to listen to me. I shouted and people left me alone and I’m still shouting like hell. You just seemed to have dropped by when I’m shouting. Good for you.

Apparently the first law of Blogging Dynamics says that

“When all other factors are unchanging and in equilibrium, your blog will not become famous unless you know someone here.”

You know what? I just broke that law. I’m totally new here. I dunno what to do. Maybe I should buy the Idiot’s guide to WordPress as soon as possible. By the way, you just learnt one thing about me – I break all the rules and laws-not criminal ones but just the rules that come from common sense that says how to live, bite, fish, surf, paint, work, walk, typ3, spell, talk, listen. Etc.

Yep. You also realized I’m crazy.


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